LENT – Thoughts on Fasting

Lent 2017 will start on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017
and will end on Thursday, April 13, 2017

I don’t know about you but in the past I mainly focused on the FAST more than the FEAST, so this year I’m going to pick a few from below and FEAST with my FAST.  Lent should be more than a time of fasting. I should be a joyous season of feasting. Lent is a time to fast from certain things and to feast on others. Here’s a link for Q&A’s on Lent and Lenten Practices  and Fast and Abstinence 

It is a season in which we should:

FAST from judging others. FEAST on Christ dwelling in them.
FAST from emphasis differences. FEAST on the unity of all life.
FAST from apparent darkness. FEAST on the reality of light.
FAST from thoughts of illness. FEAST on the healing power of God.
FAST from words that pollute. FEAST on phrases that purify.
FAST from discontent. FEAST on gratitude.
FAST from anger. FEAST on patience.
FAST from pessimism. FEAST on optimism.

FAST from worry. FEAST on Divine order.
FAST from complaining. FEAST on appreciation.
FAST from negatives. FEAST on affirmatives.
FAST from unrelenting pressures. FEAST on unceasing prayer.
FAST from hostility. FEAST on non-resistance.
FAST from bitterness. FEAST on reconciliation.
FAST from self-centeredness. FEAST on compassion for others.
FAST from personal anxiety. FEAST on eternal truth.

FAST from discouragement. FEAST on hope
FAST from facts that depress. FEAST on verities that uplift.
FAST from apathy. FEAST on enthusiasm.
FAST from suspicion. FEAST on truth.
FAST from thoughts that weaken. FEAST on dreams that inspire.
FAST from shadows of sorrow. FEAST on sunlight of serenity.
FAST from idle gossip. FEAST on purposeful silence.
FAST from problems that overwhelm. FEAST on prayer that sustains.

Unknown Author

“On the threshold of Lent, it is necessary that this perspective be opened before us, so that we may believe deeply in the gospel with all the truth of our mortal existence. We are called to take part in the Resurrection of Christ. For this appeal to resound within us with all its force at the beginning of the Lenten season, let us realize what death means. ‘You are dust,’ ‘Repent! Believe in the gospel'”.

~St. John Paul II