Lent is here… Satan Is Working Overtime To Get Me

The more I draw closer to God, the more intense the Spiritual Warfare becomes. It’s true… the devil attacks those closest to God, or those working on getting closer to God.

Don’t think you’re alone in this battle. I have notice in the past 3 years, I have really felt closer to the Lord than I ever have in my life. I found a great church home where I, literally, felt the spirit within me lifted up. I’ve been doing more Bible study, volunteer my time at my parish as much as I can with a full-time job and I am Carmelite OCDS so now I am really feeling the battle. I’ve just been working on increasing my faith more and more. It’s not easy, but I will fight every day. Some days, weeks, months, even years are very challenging. I try to see the good that comes of all my struggles.

YET… I have had more emotional and spiritual trials during the Lenten time of the year than any other time during the year.  I have gone through major trials every year at work with attacks through Satan’s through workplace bullies. The worst years were when I was suffering from the side effects of a Meningioma Brain Tumor (removed with major surgery), that was brutal, and I suffered extreme anxiety at work to add to the stress. It was like I was in “hell” every day and I would go through periods of depression. I would fight back by going to daily mass, hangout with devout friends, adoration, bible study, and increased prayer, to be as close as I could to God so those thoughts/fears would disappear, at least temporarily back then. Satan tried to keep me from my prayer time too, so I just increased prayer and signed up for volunteer work when stuff happened to bring me close to God. I’m so happy those days are behind me, but I know Satan is still trying to get me everyday.

In general I would agree Satan in particular wants to destroy our faith as we draw closer to God. I have two concerns… Sometimes we just notice our old selves more the closer we are to God. So the light is shined closer on our true condition so we feel that we are in a spiritual battle when we may just be looking at ourselves. Secondly we must be very careful we don’t use Satan attacking us; as an excuse for our own sinful desires. “What? Me?” Lol… Because sometimes we can actually get into a situation where we may say, well I have these very strong sinful urges and so it must be Satan, therefore I must be really close to God, so it is a good thing!

Don’t forget…

  • Satan lies to everyone
  • Blinds the minds of unbelievers
  • Disguises himself as good
  • Strangles our efforts at fruitfulness
  • Causes disease and sickness
  • Is a cold blooded murderer
  • Hinders our ministry plans
  • Accuses us before God
  • Tempts people to sin

Don’t be fooled… Most Important: Satan tempts us to sin. We are tempted everyday… several times everyday. Yes, the problem is with us first. We are severely flawed individuals with indwelling sin. Repent, don’t blame. But an adversary is also prowling around, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). That someone is us. Satan wants to devour us — to maneuver in such a way that there be in you an evil, unbelieving heart, leading you to fall away from God.

We must learn how to put on Gods Armour. Daily Mass if possible and Daily prayer is a good start. Be aware, that Satan will try to put “many” distractions in front of you to prevent you from going to mass or saying your prayers. Pay attention… Make good habits… Enjoy your conversations with God.

Our Words in Jesus’s Power will bring Satan to his knees.

What are your thoughts?


St. Michael the Archangel Defend Us in Battle