Awesome Inspirational Weekend Activities to do by Yourself

Do you enjoy spending time alone? It is important to enjoy your own company every so often, so that you can get in touch with yourself and relax. There are many benefits to spending time alone; you will learn to truly love yourself and become independent. Also, let’s face it – some things are just more fun alone. Here are 15 inspirational activities that you could do alone this weekend.

  1. Go to the matinee of a sad or embarrassingly bad movie. Feel no shame as you cry or swoon alone in the corner. Who cares? No one is there to see you!
  2. Travel somewhere new. When you travel with other people, you always end up making compromises on what sights to see, where to eat, and what activities to do. Traveling alone — even if it’s just to the next town over — gives you the luxury of going at your own pace so that you’re able to soak up everything about the trip that you want to.
  3. Meditation/Prayer. Relax and become stress free outside on a blanket at the beach or on a mountain top.
  4. Take yourself on a dinner date. Bring along a book that you can’t put down, and immerse yourself in good eats and good reads — really, what’s better than that? Try to resist the urge to look at your phone and take your time as you enjoy ordering anything you want without anyone else asking for a bite.
  5. Tour a museum. Let’s face it, a lot of your museum experiences probably involve a teacher, a tour guide, and a pack of rowdy kids. Set out to see every piece of art or history a local museum has, and spend time interpreting them exactly how you want to — not how the little paper pamphlet tells you to.
  6. Have a spa day, or get a massage. It’s probably best for you to take on the steam room solo, anyway.
  7. Go to a bookstore and get lost. Spend hours exploring every genre of book known to the world. Better still, snag one off the shelf and plop down in a comfy chair. Close down the store trying to finish that book (hey, you’ll save some cash), and leave only when the employees start giving you the side-eye.
  8. Binge on a TV show. There is always another show to catch up on or rewatch, and there’s no one better to do it with then the one person who you know is just as excited as you are to plow through an entire series in a day.
  9. Order Your Favorite Take Out Food. Get the menu and order your favorite take-away with all of the toppings and extras. Revel in the knowledge that you don’t have to share one bite with anyone else, and you can order as much food as you want without judgement – except maybe from the delivery guy.
  10. Go to a free gig. Coffee shops, libraries and local venues often host free gigs, so see if there is anything going on in your area this weekend.
  11. Sing karaoke. Be bold! Pick a spot you never go to (that way you won’t miss it if you can’t show your face there again), and sing your heart out to a bunch of strangers. If you can do this, you can do pretty much anything.
  12. People watch. Go to a public place, like a park or the mall, sit back, and enjoy the show. People watching is always interesting, often hilarious, sometimes sweet, and every once in a while, it can even make you give some of the stuff you do a second thought, too.
  13. Indulge in some selfies. OK, as a general rule selfies should probably be taken sparingly, but every once in a while, it’s healthy to get dressed in an outfit you love and shamelessly take photos of yourself that you actually like. Let yourself keep clicking until you get it right. No one is there to judge you, except maybe your dog.
  14. Marathon a TV Show You Love. The best part about watching television alone is that you can watch whatever you want, no matter how shameful and embarrassing it is. Put on your comfiest clothes, get some snacks and put your feet up for hours of guilt-free viewing.
  15. Challenge your mind. Complete a crossword, sudoku, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a Rubik’s Cube. If you finish them all by yourself, you get total bragging rights instead of having to share them with a partner.
  16. Take a hike. Experiencing nature is often more enjoyable if you are alone, as it is peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Spend some time with mother nature and see how the two of you get along when no one else is around. You can stop to appreciate every beautiful flower you pass, you can take a break whenever you want, and best of all, you can hear all of the quiet, busy sounds of nature. Don’t forget to take pictures of wildlife and of course a few selfies.
  17. Get experimental in the kitchen. If you try out new recipes on your own and mess up, the only hungry, disappointed person you have to deal with is yourself. You can work on perfecting the dish until it’s just right — then serve up a flawless result the next time you’re with friends, and act like it was your first try.
  18. Stargaze. Lay on your back and marvel at your complete and utter smallness in comparison to the rest of the universe.
  19. Go shopping. Take a leisurely trip alone and take your time trying everything on: you are likely to have a great day and find something you love. Sometimes when you’re on a shopping mission, having other people with you can slow you down or make you feel rushed. Dial down any shopping stress by taking the trip alone.
  20. Take the longest bath of your life. Turn on some soothing music and enjoy a long soak with no fear of unwelcome interruptions.
  21. Take a walk and listen to a music/podcast. Go in an evening walk on a summer night when it’s cooler and you can stargaze and the same time without interruptions. Listening to music when you’re alone is a real mood booster. If you feel like it, you can even do some dancing too!
  22.  Go on a silent retreat.  Get away from the hussle and bussle of life for a relaxing weekend with
  23. Try New Recipes. Cook a new dish you’ve been eyeing up; you don’t have guests to let down if it goes wrong, and if it goes right you can eat it all yourself. This is a fun way to hang out by yourself, and you may become a cooking pro in the process.