Are you willing to do something your friends way?

Adult Friend Challenge – Prudence

#15: Docility 

Be willing to do something your friend’s way even if you feel it doesn’t make a difference. If they care about how it’s done, care to value that as long as it doesn’t cause you or anyone else harm.

Today’s Saint: St. Juan Diego

In sixteenth-century Mexico, Catholic missionaries found it difficult to persuade many of the natives to convert to Catholicism. One of the few converts, an Indian named Juan Diego, was on his way to Mass when he heard the voice of a beautiful Lady asking him to tell the bishop to build a shrine for her. After the bishop asked for a sign, the Lady filled Juan’s cloak with Spanish roses, and her image miraculously appeared on his cloak. Because of Juan’s humble obedience, millions of native Mexicans converted to Catholicism.

Resource: OneParishApp