Consider the impact when loans/borrowing items from friends.

 Adult Friend Challenge – Prudence

#17: Foresight

If a friend asks for a loan or to borrow something cherished, prayerfully consider their situation, need, ability to repay, as well as your situation and ability to provide. How would each impact your friendship?

Personally, if I have the money I’d rather give it to the person (depending on reason needed of course), this way it’s a gift and not a loan. Now, if that friend chooses to give it back, so be it. All is good either way.  Don’t lend out your “cherished” items, but also DO NOT become so attached to “things” that it causes us to choose “material items” over people.

Today’s Saint: St. John Bosco
St. John Bosco devoted himself to training boys how to make a living and teaching them to love God. He believed that, instead of threatening young people with punishments, it was more effective to show them they were loved and trusted. His foresight prevented many young men from falling into evil ways and help them instead to embrace virtue and holiness.

Resource: OneParishApp