Do Not Lie or Spread Rumors

Adult Friend: Temperance

Day 2: Honesty

Do not lie or spread rumors about your friends. Or anyone.

Stay Away From Liars
If you really want to avoid becoming a liar, you probably don’t want to surround yourself with other liars. These people are likely going to get you in a whole mess of trouble that you’d just be better off keeping yourself away from. So, ditch the liars and find some honest people to spend your time with.

Consider these tips to be sure you are not involved in spreading rumors/gossip:

  • Do not associate yourself with one who is a known spread rumors/gossip
  • When someone starts to gossip — change the subject
  • If you are not part of the problem or part of the solution, stay out of it
  • If you have fallen into the bad habit of spreading rumors/gossiping — ask God to change your heart
  • When you have been the victim of gossip — confront the parties that spread the rumor

Today’s Saint:  Bl. Henry Suso
Bl. Henry Suso was a Dominican friar who frequently ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was accused of theft, sacrilege, poisoning, and heresy at different points in his life; none of the accusations were true, as became evident by the end of his life. Henry lived an open and honest life, and so he was peaceful in spite of what others thought of him.

Resource: OneParishApp