Why I chose to name my page Classy Carmelite.

Well besides the fact that being a Carmelite is “cool” below are some of the ways I honor our Lord by being a “Classy Carmelite”.

  1.  To have or reflect a high standard of personal behavior with a deep love for God as our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary does.
  2. To have and show a pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner when attending mass and in the world using body language and gestures (the sign of the cross, bowing, genuflections, etc.)
  3. For me being stylish is to “dress with dignity” (modest and elegance) while staying fashionably elegant and sophisticated. Ladies and Gentleman it can be done!  Stay neat and confident, remember dress to conceal rather than reveal the figure of the wearer; they do not emphasize, unduly, parts of the body. This leaves more to the imagination and avoids leading others into sin when they are looking at you (the temptation and judgement for all is REAL!). I know I’m distracted by all tight jeans and the women with their shoulders/chests are in plain view.  Read more at:
         Women The Blessed Virgin’s Guide to Catholic Modesty
         Men Dress for Catholic Gentleman
  4. To practice daily along with promises and vows: A Carmelites Identity, Values and Commitment; The Primary Apostolate of the Teresian Carmel is Prayer.;  Particular Acts of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Devotion to St. Joseph; The Secular Order Habit and more. Read more details…

About being… “CLASSY” & “A CARMELITE”

Definition of classy (Merriam-Webster)

classier; classiest

:having or showing class: such as
a :  elegantstylish classy clientele classy hotel
b :  having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior classy guy classy gesture
c :  admirably skillful and graceful classy outfielder

classiness noun

A “Carmelite” (OCDS)

“A Secular Carmelite is a practing member of the Catholic Church who, under the protection of our Lady of Mount Carmel and inspired by St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross, makes the commitment to the Order to seek the face of God in prayer for the good of the Church and the needs of the world.” – General Delegate Fr. Aloysius Deeney OCD.

Our Identity, Values and Commitment

  1. Members of the Secular Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Teresa of Jesus are faithful members of the Church who are called to live “in allegiance to Jesus Christ”.
  2. The value of the sacramental and liturgical life in the Secular Order.
  3. Secular Carmelites will endeavor daily to nurture their prayer life through study and spiritual reading, particularly the Gospels and the writings of our Carmelite Saints.
  4. In order to deepen their spiritual life, members are encouraged to participate in an annual Carmelite Retreat.

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Latin Carmelite Seal
English Carmelite Seal