Action Speak Louder than Words

It really works! How? We’ll it’s the little things that build a strong foundation so be an example in how you live your life and what other people “see you doing” actions can really speak louder than words. Okay, here’s an example…

I’ve finished shopping at Wal-Mart (yes I was crazy enough to go on a Saturday afternoon) and headed to the parking lot. I noticed there were shopping carts piled up all over and taking up parking spaces. Really people, you just walked at least a mile or two in the store and you can’t put a cart back. Anyway, I’m parked at the “far end” of the lot and unloaded my goods closed up my trunk and start heading back the other end to return my cart to the correct area. I push my cart into the area and start walking back, when here comes a gentleman pushing his cart with a big smile he says, “Hey, if you can do it, so can I”. Smiling back I say “Right On” with a thumbs up! I never spoke a word, but lead by example, I wasn’t even trying I just did the right thing. Which reminded me where ever I am… You never know who is watching you”, so be a shinning light, do what God would want you to do, and lead them on the right path.

Share a short story of your own in the comments to inspire others.

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  1. I’ve noticed the same thing in the workplace where murmuring about others is so common. Especially about those who are tagged as difficult or just have a mind of their own.

    It seems like over the years as I’ve gotten better at steering conversations away from that, some people seem to make more of an effort in avoiding that as well.

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