Adult Friend Temperance
Day 14: Humility

If you have a fight with your friend seek to let down your defenses and consider their side; don’t let your own pride force you into proving you are right.

For all whom we love and value, for every friend and connection, we equally pray; however divided and far asunder, we know that we are alike before Thee and under Thine eye. May we be equally united in Thy faith and fear, in fervent devotion towards Thee, and in Thy merciful protection this night.
—from Jane Austen’s Prayers

Today’s Saint:  St. Joseph of Cupertino
Joseph was known to other children as “the gaper” because he left his mouth open most of the time. He was not a good student. When he entered the Capuchin Order, he helped in the kitchen and the stables. Eventually Joseph was allowed to become a priest. He was then nicknamed “the flying friar” because of his God-given ability to levitate. In the face of both teasing and fame, Joseph remained humble and cheerful.

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