Community & Friendship in Our Life

Adult Friend Temperance
Day 17: Humility

 Recognize God in giving you the opportunities for community and friendship in your life.

Today’s Saint:  St. Gemma Galgani
Even as a child Gemma Galgani would say, “Gemma can do nothing, but Gemma and Jesus can do all things.” Throughout her life she retained this simplicity. Jesus granted her many visions of Him, but she never thought that she was special. Gemma suffered a great deal, and she offered it all for the salvation of souls. After her mother and father died, she spent most of her time taking care of her younger siblings.

Resource: OneParishApp

As we get older, we recognize the importance of having friends who are authentic and genuine – people who love, respect and support us. Especially, after the Wildfires in my home town, this came to life, shinning brighter than ever. It was absolutely amazing how my Carmelite community and Santa Rosa community came together in this disaster. Still going… #SantaRosaStrong 

Most of us are happier with a handful of best friends who we can truly rely on compared to 25 friends who don’t really mean as much to us. Communities share a personal connection to family, health, charity, spirituality, wellness, personal development, music, travel and so much more.

“Our beautiful vulnerabilities are expressed not only through stories of our successes and struggles.”

Seek a community of people who would support, motivate, push and drive you in the direction of making a spiritual life as successful, inspiring and motivating as possible. “Connecting with a community of like-minded people will open a new dimension to your life. I feel like my social life, my spiritual life, and my business life were 3 separate worlds, and suddenly I have a community where I can flow easily in and out of all 3 of those areas and feel understood, loved, and accepted for who I am. Also, during this process I have created meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Here are five questions that I considered in terms of creating or joining a community:

1. What are your values and what values do you want to be aligned within the community?
2. What is the purpose and goal of creating or joining a community?
3. How often do you want to engage with your community (ex: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)?
4. How do you want to structure your community (ex: private Facebook group, Meetup, Google group, in-person meeting, dinner party etc.)?
5. What do you have to offer the group and what do you want to receive? How can you share and collaborate?

Communities are helpful to join or create because they provide support to the individuals who are impacted by the daily stress, struggles and chaos of modern life. Consider the five questions that I noted as you determine what type of community you are looking to build or join. Going in with a clear intention allows you to garner exactly what it is that you want to gain from having a group of people that you can trust and rely on and watch your friendships grow.


– Vienna Cobb Anderson