Don’t Complain when Your Friend…

Adult Friend Temperance
Day 19: Meekness

Don’t complain or nitpick when your friend is late; if it is a habit, or causes problems (e.g. missing a show that you had paid to see), gently bring it up to them and explain how their behavior is causing tension. Make plans so that you are not always dependent on them.

“A very essential means of acquiring meekness of heart is to form the habit of doing everything and saying everything, important or unimportant, calmly and without haste. Act in this manner in times of tranquility and thus you will accustom your heart to gentleness.” ~ St. Francis de Sales.

Today’s Saint:  Bl. Anthony Grassi

Bl. Anthony Grassi was a brilliant young priest of the Oratorian Fathers. He was a kind and serene man. He loved the rule of his order, but his meekness kept him from being severe when teaching other Oratorians to follow it. On his deathbed he reconciled two Oratorian brothers who were having an angry dispute.

Resource: OneParishApp 

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