Stay Calm in Friendships

Adult Friend Temperance
Day 20: Meekness

Stay calm, leave the room, count to ten, make a joke, or otherwise alleviate the tension if you start to get into an argument with your friend.

“If possible, never become angry and always reject any pretext for allowing anger to gain admission to your heart, for once it has entered, you will no longer be able to banish it when you desire, or moderate it. If, however, you find that because of your weakness it has gained a foothold in your heart, summon all your will power and see that you set you heart at peace. But you must do so serenely, never violently.”
~ St. Francis de Sales

Today’s Saint: St. Therese of the Child Jesus

St. Therese was a young French girl who entered a Carmelite convent when she was fifteen years old. She practiced the virtue of meekness by loving all the other nuns, even those who caused her annoyance. She strove to show her love not by great or heroic things but by little actions for God and her sisters. Her sisters in religion, upon her death, hardly knew of her spiritual greatness. Today St. Therese is a co-patroness of the missions and a Doctor of the Church. Her autobiography and other writings have brought many to a deeper walk with God.

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“Be assured that all disturbing, upsetting thoughts do not come from God, Who is the Prince of Peace. They come either from the devil, or from our self-love, or from the high opinion we entertain of ourselves. These are the three fonts of all our troubles. When such thoughts come to our mind, w should banish them immediately and pay no attention to them.” ~ St. Francis de Sales