Be Calm with your Friends

21 Adult Friend Temperance
Day 21: Meekness

Be calm with your friend when he is slow or fumbling in explaining his point of view. Allow him the time, space, and safe atmosphere necessary to get out his thoughts.

Remember it only takes one word…

“At times, one word is sufficient to placate an angry person. Similarly, one word is enough to dishearten a soul and cause a bitterness which might prove very harmful.” ~ St. Vincent de Paul

Today’s Saint:  Ven. Pierre Toussaint

Ven. Pierre Toussaint was a slave of an American family named Berard. When Mr. Berard died suddenly, Pierre did not abandon the family but went to work as a hairdresser to support them. When he was free, Pierre married, and he continued to evangelize and support Catholic charities. He helped the sick and suffering, even bringing them to his own home to care for them.

Resource: OneParishApp