Stylish Modesty

Adult Friend Temperance
Day 24: Modesty

 When out shopping with a friend, help them to select clothes that are stylish and attractive but that still preserve the integrity and dignity of each person.

“Nothing is so edifying as charitable meekness. Like oil in a lamp, it keeps the flame of good example burning.” St. Francis de Sales

Today’s Saint: St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti was a peasant girl who lived in Italy. Her father died, and her mother had to work hard on the farm to make a living for the family. Maria spent her days keeping house and caring for her younger siblings. When a neighbor boy tried to force Maria to act against purity and modesty, she refused and fought against him. She remained firm in her modesty, even though the boy threatened her life. He fatally stabbed her, and she forgave him before she died.

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