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Adult Friend Temperance
Day 25: Modesty

Dress appropriately when you know you will be with your friend(s) and their partners, parents, children, fiances, or spouses. Assume it’s a mixed crowd and dress as you would in a public setting.

What immediately pops up in most peoples mind when you think of the word modesty? An outdated outfit and frumpy clothes? Or a sober heart, not too proud or overly excessive? Wrong! Modest doesn’t have to be frumpy or colorless it can be stylish and fun! Modesty is for men too, even though most focus on women, everyone can cover up and loosen up while remaining classy and stylish.

“Style is a way to say who your are without having to speak.” ~ Rachel Zoe

God will take us in our current state, gradually adding His own convictions for each one of us.

For example, I have always dressed classy, but when I started my modesty journey.  I was so excited to follow the Lord in every area of my life, that when He began to convict me about certain pieces of clothing in my wardrobe, I said, “Lord, this is so hard, but okay.” I’m not perfect, because I’m human and that will gets in the way at times. classy-lady-quotes-dress-quotes1

Clothes that were a bit too tight here or there began to disappear from my wardrobe. Clothes that weren’t reflecting what I wanted to represent me started to be removed. I was also convinced God was convicting me to wear skirts more, they started popping up in my closet. The key words here are, “Convicting me.” This was a personal conviction God gave to me.

This was also helpful for me to overcome superficiality, finding my beauty in my inward self, not the outward. I saw the benefits of how it changed my life. I have fun dressing up a lot more, exploring my more feminine options and no longer attracting the type of attention I didn’t want.

Remember, if someone you know develops a new conviction, please do your best to respectfully support what God has told them to do.  The vows people make with God should be respected and honored. For me, I see my period of wearing skirts only as a personal vow between me and the Lord.

Everyone should Dress Appropriately for…

  • Church
  • an interview
  • in the workplace
  • your age… You’re not 21 forever! (child, teen, young adult, woman/man, seniors, etc.)
  • the weather
  • a funeral
  • a date
  • around children
  • special events that are important to you or another

Remember, when in doubt “don’t” wear it.

Modesty is about being self controlled in our attitude, not putting on an act for someone else or going over the top with something.


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