Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening. 

I know you love me
and have great plans for me.
But sometimes I am overwhelmed
by the thought of my future.
Show me how to walk forward
one day at a time.
May I take heart while I search openly
for what it is you want me
to do with my life.
Inspire in me wisdom and understanding
to see your vision for my life
and respond with openness to
whatever you call me to be.
Speak, Lord, for I am listening.
Show me your way Lord!

I’m learning to say in my heart throughout the day, “Speak Lord, I’m listening.” It helps to remind me that conversations with God are a two-way street. Prayer is not just asking of my needs or even my praises, but it’s also a time of listening. May our hearts be ready to hear from God today.

What are ways God has spoken to you in the past? Take a few moments to be silent, asking the Lord to speak to you again today.

Read More…. 1 Samuel 3 (RSV) Samuel’s Calling and Prophetic Activity


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