It’s about connections not how many followers.

Hello readers,

Thank you for following my page, I am grateful and blessed to have your support and interest. Sorry, I haven’t been posting much lately, the adventures of life have been requiring my presence and prayers. I’ve been living life the past few months, the good, bad, and ugly of Gods plans for us:

  • A beautiful wedding to witness
  • Two back to back deaths one from cancer
  • A friend in the hospital
  • A friend diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer) and going to treatments with them
  • Spending more time with people and not on social media
  • My Carmelite vocation, I have been in deep discernment the last few months, as well as, a beautiful discernment retreat
  • “A lot” of people are having health issues in my close circle and not so close (much praying)
  • Helping out friends with their life challenges and in dark times
  • Spending more time with God (best part of each day)
  • Preparing for a vacation to visit family
  • More and more trials and blessings to come

So many people out there that have it much worse than me, just asking God for the strength to get through everything and bits of patience of others. I will try to post something soon and moving forward 2-4 times a month at the least. May the peace of the Lord be with you all. Please pray for me.

Blessings in Carmel,
Tina Marie

It’s not about how many followers I have.

Social media has become a place of business before anything else these days. It’s only one way we connect with the world. Personally, I love to see what family and friends are up to who live afar, find new places to visit, ideas, recipes, inspiring blog pages, and videos.

First of all, I was out living my life which, as it should be, and always a priority “after” God time. Sometimes we just have to unplug from it all and live life “outside in the world”. Talking, interacting in person, maybe give some smiles and comforting hugs. A short social media detox is needed at certain times in our lives.

Second, it’s not about the numbers it’s about the connections with people for me. I personally want to find a flock of people who are interested in a Carmelite OCDS life’s journey and encourage them on theirs. I prefer 5 genuine comments on my posts where I can interact with and build a relationship with my readers. I am always open to learning new things from others as well.